Academic Success


Helping students grow in the most critical aspect of their life.

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Fact: Joining debate improves students’ test scores—a whopping 20% increase in GPA and a 7.5% increase in SAT scores! (1)

We all know that academic success is the foundation of a bright future. It’s that pivotal stage where young minds flourish and set the stage for their journey ahead.

Enter debate, the art of persuasive argument, as the secret sauce that propels students to reach new academic heights. But it’s so much more than just eloquent speeches; it’s a transformative journey with long-lasting benefits.

When it comes to those all-important exams like the SAT and ACT, debaters consistently outshine their peers who aren’t part of the debate world. With sharp critical thinking skills, powerful communication, and analytical prowess, they outperform others in every section of these tests. The result? Doors to top-notch colleges swing wide open, scholarships become attainable, and a future filled with endless possibilities takes shape.

But debate isn’t just about acing tests; it’s about a love for learning. Through debate, students develop a passion for reading, becoming eager learners who easily tackle complex texts. This newfound reading enthusiasm not only boosts their grades but also broadens their horizons, exposing them to a world of ideas and perspectives.

Academic success goes beyond grades; it’s about excelling in every aspect of education. Debate equips students with crucial research and organization skills, leading to better performance across various subjects. As debaters master time management and resource allocation, they emerge as well-rounded scholars.

(1) Patten, J. and Chapman, S., Citizenship Social and Economics Education