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Jeanine White at work with a colleague

Max Albert and Ben Carson

Max and Ben are career educators who developed public speaking and debate curriculum for Harvard University and Purdue University. Throughout their career, they've coached student teams to win numerous local, state, and national championships. They are passionate about debate and its ability to transform lives and civil discourse, which led them to explore new ways to bring the world of debate to everyone.


Max has been involved in the debate community for more than 10 years. As a competitor, he was ranked the #1 collegiate debater in the United States. As an instructor, he's developed curriculum material for Harvard University's debate council.


Ben has coached debate teams across the country for Middle Schools, High Schools, and Universities, leading teams to the highest success, including back- to-back-to-back State Champions, 5th Place in Nationals, and 1st Place in Middle School. As an instructor, he's developed curriculum material for Purdue University's debate team.

Ted Pulton

Ted is a career Fortune 200 marketing strategist and business consultant who launched E*Trade and WebMD. With decades of experience spanning fields from advertising, finance, business development, and consulting, Ted's experience, foresight, and knowledge is a critical piece of the puzzle in unlocking the power of debate to every student across the world. Join us on our mission to make that happen.