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Where passion plays, and persuasion pays.

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Online Stage

Providing academic rigor for students from Elementary School to College through the art of public speaking and argumentation, fully virtually. Plus, we offer curriculum and an academic ambassador to help get you started.

Audience Support

Cheer, vote, and praise! Debaterly's streaming platform gets students excited about something besides video games. Teachers, parents, and friends can join in on the fun anywhere around the globe. Just not too loudly on school nights.

Scholarship Prizes

Academic extracurriculars are facing funding slashes across the country. Debaterly eliminates travel costs, reduces overhead, and provides students and schools with the ability to earn money via scholarship prizes and Click-to-School donations.

Why Debate?

Video Gamers got on stage by exercising their fingers on joysticks. On our stage, debaters are judged and rewarded by exercising their brains, thought leadership, academic rigor, and persuasive skills. And receive accolades for it! Put simply: Why debate? To achieve results in the classroom and beyond.


Formerly, the North American Debate Circuit

Stephan Brooks

Debaterly is a gift from the debate gods... As a competitor and coach of 20+ years, it is refreshing to be a part of a league devoid of drama and politics, and geared towards providing competitors with a great experience.

- Brooks Debate Institute

Joel Mounts

The best thing to happen to debate in a long time. Giving more rewards to students provides the incentive model needed for true accessibility. I encourage any and all students interested in debate to get involved.

- Debate Track

Andrew Smolich

I am a huge fan of what Debaterly is doing. As a judge, standardized online debating makes life easier for everyone involved to focus on better competition. Debate needs a shake up, and this is a great venue for it.

- Hired Judge